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How to Have a Meaningful Summer

Updated: Feb 9

One of the ways in which colleges evaluate an applicant is by their extracurricular activities. Has the student deepened an interest in a subject? Are they challenging themselves intellectually? Are they leveling up a skill? Or, are they using the summer to grow as an individual?

While summers between school years are opportune times to rest and recharge, they're also a great time to pursue growth opportunities that you otherwise can't during the school year. Endeavors like jobs, research projects and academic courses (among others) not only showcase your skills and interests, but also demonstrate responsibility, time management and initiative.

The attached list outlines a variety of opportunities available. Some have big

time commitments; some are completed in hours. Some are organized, and some are independent and self-driven. Some are an investment, and some are free. The important thing is to find the one that not only stimulates personal growth, but provides balance, so that you are still able to have some rest and relaxation.

Meaningful Summer Plans
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